[Update] JewishDate 0.6

Het idee voor deze plugin komt van de geweldige Hebrew Date-plugin door KosherJava. Deze plugin kan echter niet de huidige datum weergeven in de sidebar. Daarom heb ik deze (hele) simpele plugin ontworpen, die niet meer doet dan dat: het tonen van de huidige datum in de sidebar, in fonetisch Hebreeuws.

Voor meer informatie, ga naar de officiele plugin-pagina.

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Jacob Fresco Geschreven door:

Techneut, van joodse afkomst, fan van Ajax, getrouwd met Claudia, papa van Lotte en Levi en lid van het erepeloton Waalsdorp

  • Hi Jacob!

    I just added your great plugin to the homepage of our youth center.
    I would like to know, how we can add a fullstop after the numbers for the day?

    So now it looks like this: “24 Tishrei 5776”,
    but it should look like “24. Tishrei 5776”.

    Where in the code can I add this fullstop?!

    Furthermore, I would like to adjust the spelling of the months, i. e., instead of “Tishri” as we are used to it in German “Tischrej” etc.
    Where can I make those changes?

    Thank you in advance about a timely response!

    • Hello Chipy,

      To add the fullstop, edit jewisdate.php and edit the line:

      echo "$hebrewDay $hebrewMonthName $hebrewYear";

      . Update it to:

      echo "$hebrewDay" .".  " .$hebrewMonthName ." " .$hebrewYear;

      (please note that this line occurs twice in the plugin, at lines 46 and 114).

      That should add the fullstop (see this site as an example). About the monthnames. They are determined by using


      . Right now, this function doesn’t support other languages. You can, however, use


      to create your own strings:

      switch ($hebrewMonthName) {
      case "Tishri" :
                $hebrewMonthName = "Tischrej"'

      You can add other months as seperate cases. Feel free to ask me anymore questions! And thanks for using the plugin!